Weekly column by EUA's Chief Executive

  • 27


    Does the UK have the capacity to hit Net Zero?

    27th Jun 2022

    Wow, that’s a huge question with massive implications. There will be some who answer, “it needs to” and they will be co...

  • 20


    Time to insulate Britain says PM

    20th Jun 2022

    Well that’s what The Times reported last week, and I agree with the sentiment. If only there was someone holding the levers of powe...

  • 13


    Lord Gummer and his tablet of stone

    13th Jun 2022

    At the end of this month, the Committee on Climate Change will once again deliver their annual tablet of stone, their report to Parliamen...

  • 6


    Choppy waters

    6th Jun 2022

    The Platinum Jubilee celebrations have masked major political news in the UK. But scratch beneath the surface and it is clear the governm...

  • 30


    What a week that was in Westminster

    30th May 2022

    Well what a week that was in Westminster. I’m not referring to parties, fights in Downing Street, or even the sudden conversion to...

  • 23


    Is Ofgem past its sell by date?

    23rd May 2022

    I can’t be the only person who is now considering whether the energy regulator has reached the end of its useful life. A review int...

  • 16


    Meet the people; they just want an easy life

    16th May 2022

    After a period of reconnecting with voters, it is appropriate to reflect on lessons learned for our industry. The overwhelming message is...

  • 9


    A word from the wise

    9th May 2022

    The good thing about local elections is that they can be a good excuse to catch up with politicians and I did exactly that last week. I g...

  • 25


    “Don’t cry for me”

    25th Apr 2022

    Like many others, I took some holiday over Easter, which coincided with the local school holidays. Parliament had returned to work and qu...

  • 11


    Definition of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    11th Apr 2022

    Last week, ahead of the publication of the Government’s Energy Security review, the debate in the energy world centred on whether o...

  • 4


    MPs need to stop consumers being mugged

    4th Apr 2022

    Just over two hundred years ago, gas lights were being fitted along Westminster Bridge (as one industry leader said last week, ‘to...

  • 28


    Hiding the true scale of fuel poverty

    28th Mar 2022

    Last Sunday, while interviewed by the BBC, Chancellor Rishi Sunak was asked for his assessment on the levels of fuel poverty following th...

  • 21


    Is this what is called “wishful thinking”?

    21st Mar 2022

    I’ve revisited the Government’s Heat and Building Strategy recently, and I’m increasingly struck by the “optimist...

  • 14


    Beware the vultures are circling

    14th Mar 2022

    I can tell you, from personal experience, that energy costs are a hot topic on the doorstep. People are genuinely concerned about how the...

  • 7


    In a week, our world has changed.

    7th Mar 2022

    The awful situation in Ukraine has meant a rude awakening to some. European peace and stability have been shattered. Our world has change...

  • 28


    The elephant, or should that be bear, in the room.

    28th Feb 2022

    Given how quickly things can escalate, I’m not confident that between me writing this and you reading it, things won’t have c...

  • 21


    Putting consumers first

    21st Feb 2022

    Poor customer service is irritating, but misleading consumers is all together a greater sin. Sometimes it can happen by accident and can...

  • 14


    It’s all about delivery.

    14th Feb 2022

    When you are close to an issue you can fall into the trap of seeing every criticism as a catastrophe; every unhelpful media headline a ca...

  • 7


    Little known fact on energy price spike

    7th Feb 2022

    All of us are concerned about what is happening to energy prices in the UK. Those of us that work in the sector, more than most, understa...

  • 31


    Blending hydrogen, reasons to be cheerful.

    31st Jan 2022

    Last week I wrote of the battle lines being drawn up by anti-gas lobbyists determined to kill off the gas networks, in favour of all-elec...

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive