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    The battle lines are drawn on blending

    24th Jan 2022

    I know it’s hard to believe, because it is a no brainer, but it looks like the idea of blending up to 20 per cent hydrogen into the...

  • 17


    Emergency root canal work

    17th Jan 2022

    After four days of pain, over New Year, I had emergency root canal work done on the first day back. I would have happily chewed the drill...

  • 10


    A word magpie

    10th Jan 2022

    Firstly, Happy New Year to you all. I suspect 2022 isn’t going to be a quiet one for the energy world. Over the Christmas/New Year...

  • 26


    It’s party time

    26th Dec 2021

    Now I don’t want to stir up trouble for anyone, that’s not my style, but for some people Christmas can’t come soon enou...

  • 6


    Storm Arwen lessons are serious for our society

    6th Dec 2021

    No society wants to go backwards in its development. We always strive to improve how we live. The challenges around Net Zero will not be...

  • 29


    “If it’s gas it must be bad”

    29th Nov 2021

    Not a day goes by now without energy bills being in the news. Whether it is retailers, with their unsustainable business plans, going bus...

  • 22


    “Get your Stanlakes out”

    22nd Nov 2021

    In the dim and distant past, I used to teach ‘A’ level economics, and a good textbook for my students was ‘Introductory...

  • 15


    “Are we there yet?”

    15th Nov 2021

    Come on, you must have heard that phrase, not just on a long car journey but also reference to COP26. I’m assuming it does finish (...

  • 8


    Missing in action

    8th Nov 2021

    Now the dust has settled on the Heat and Buildings Strategy, there is an apparent void. Something has gone missing in action, namely the...

  • 1


    It’s basic economics Chancellor

    1st Nov 2021

    A few weeks ago, I argued that to help with the rising cost of energy bills, the Chancellor could scrap VAT on energy bills. For average...

  • 25


    Is Boris learning the lesson?

    25th Oct 2021

    In the dim and distant past, I took part in a forum looking at the future for local government. One of the experts, a Professor in Public...

  • 18


    It’s only taxpayers’ money, so it doesn’t matter.

    18th Oct 2021

    This week we will have confirmation of the level of the Clean Homes Grant, designed to subsidise the installation of low carbon heating a...

  • 11


    “Let’s be having you”

    11th Oct 2021

    Remember those images of Delia Smith, urging football fans to get behind their team. They were taking a battering and she wanted fans to...

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    More in sorrow than anger

    4th Oct 2021

    I’m writing this blog on the 1st October, the same day the energy Price Cap for the average user has increased bills by £150....

  • 27


    Wow, what a week that was

    27th Sep 2021

    Well energy has certainly been in the news recently; the energy crisis has captured the attention of the media and politicians. Consumers...

  • 20


    Tension is rising and attacks on hydrogen grow

    20th Sep 2021

    Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a growing trend of open attacks on the use of hydrogen for heating homes. The near hysteria am...

  • 13


    We’re busy doing nothing

    13th Sep 2021

    You’ve whistled along to the song I’m sure, but who would have thought this sentiment could be applied to the enormous challe...

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    In defence of heat pumps

    6th Sep 2021

    Heat pumps have faced a bit of criticism over the past few weeks. The Prime Minister suggested that at “£10 grand a pop&rdquo...

  • 23


    Hydrogen strategy flushed out the naysayers

    23rd Aug 2021

    The long awaited publication of the Government’s Hydrogen Strategy last week certainly flushed out the naysayers in the energy worl...

  • 19


    IPCC report shocks some people

    19th Aug 2021

    Last week, the IPCC report concluded that human activities contributed towards climate change and that without global action, global warm...

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive