Weekly column by EUA's Chief Executive

  • 25


    “A change is gonna come”

    25th Jan 2021

    After the inauguration of President Joe Biden, (I just love saying that phrase), it is fitting I use the words of American soul singer Sa...

  • 18


    What matters is marginal.

    18th Jan 2021

    I have a confession to make....

  • 11


    It couldn’t happen here, could it?

    11th Jan 2021

    Firstly, Happy New Year. Let’s hope by the time I write that phrase again Covid will be just a horrible nightmare that we are all g...

  • 21


    They think it’s all over

    21st Dec 2020

    Well, we are all going to remember 2020 for years to come. And like most people, I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

  • 14


    Climate advisors, naive or malign?

    14th Dec 2020

    Let’s start with the stark facts. I voted for the Climate Change Act in Parliament that set the world’s first carbon reductio...

  • 7


    Have anti-gas fundamentalists lost the plot?

    7th Dec 2020

    Last week we had two positive announcements from Ofgem in the form of the Network Innovation Competition successful bids examining the ro...

  • 30


    Back to the future

    30th Nov 2020

    As the world was coming out of the economic ruin of the banking crisis, former US President Bill Clinton wrote a book “Back to Work...

  • 23


    Ten-point plan, something for everybody

    23rd Nov 2020

    Whoever thought announcing a 10-point plan at 10.30pm was a good idea? Made worse because the detail didn’t follow until the day af...

  • 16


    Don’t’ blame the voters

    16th Nov 2020

    There’s an age old adage for politicians, “never blame the voters”, that applies equally to the US as it does in the UK...

  • 9


    Net Zero can’t make our lives worse

    9th Nov 2020

    To make Net Zero a reality, the consumer experience has to be positive, or at least no worse than the current one.

  • 2


    A Whitehall secret – let’s start spreading the news

    2nd Nov 2020

    Buried in the bowels of Whitehall are a number of committees, advisory bodies, special councils, all with the remit of helping the govern...

  • 26


    The facts have changed but I don’t care

    26th Oct 2020

    The famous economist John Maynard Keynes has always been associated with the reflection that when the facts change, so does his opinion....

  • 19


    “All politics is local”

    19th Oct 2020

    This term is closely associated with the legendary former Speaker of the US House Tip O’Neal. And I can assure you, it is and that...

  • 12


    Party Conference season is over – blink and you missed it.

    12th Oct 2020

    Let me tell you a secret, for the vast majority of MPs attending the Party Conference was at best a chore, at worst, something to activel...

  • 5


    Autumn is with us.

    5th Oct 2020

    “Autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!” Well that...

  • 28


    COP26 agreement, all eyes on Trump

    28th Sep 2020

    There are some voices that have decried efforts to target Net Zero. They claim that other countries aren’t doing “their bit&r...

  • 21


    “There’s no silver bullet to decarbonise heat” or is there?

    21st Sep 2020

    We regularly hear that heat decarbonisation is difficult, costly and that there is no silver bullet. We often say it ourselves, suggestin...

  • 14


    Trust the people.

    14th Sep 2020

    As a former and recovering politician forgive me for being wary of letting the public have their say. In my humble opinion, they don&rsqu...

  • 7


    Nine out of ten cats prefer gas heating

    7th Sep 2020

    There was a good humoured article in The Times on Bank Holiday Monday concerning how to heat the home, but beneath all such pieces, there...

  • 24


    The gas industry is just too nice.

    24th Aug 2020

    According to the journal Scientific America, it has been proved that humans are not instinctively selfish individuals, but our first impu...

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive