Too Close to Home

How far are consumers willing to go to deliver Net Zero?

Where are we now?

View the Infographic of our findings here.

We’re at a critical moment in the UK’s sustainability journey and the public is beginning to take notice. However, the next stage of delivery will be much harder than the last. Hard choices will have to be made about the flights we take, the cars we drive, the food we eat and the way we heat and get hot water in our homes.

At this next stage, it’s vitally important we take consumers with us, that they buy into both the strategy and the execution and that we give them a real choice about the technologies they put into their home.

To do this we need to understand what they think and what they are willing, and not willing, to do to help this country achieve its climate change targets.

So, we asked them…

Mike Foster, CEO of The Energy and Utilities Alliance