Metering Services and Metering Technology Groups

Metering members have extensive working knowledge and practical experience of the Smart Metering landscape. Membership of this group is open to companies involved in the provision of metering services – Manufacturers, Meter Asset Managers (MAMs), Meter Operators (MOPs) and Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) as well as those organisations involved in training and the development of training standards in the metering industry.

Our metering team works with meter manufacturers, IHD manufacturers and suppliers on the metering assurance scheme and test house for the metering assurance of interoperability, interchangeability and compatibility with the Smart Metering Technical Specification (SMETS) for the UK Smart programme. Our membership comprises companies that includes Metering Device Manufacturers (both Domestic and Commercial), Meter Asset Providers and Metering Services Companies.

Through our industry network we exercise the ability to influence the energy industry to obtain outcomes that reduce liabilities in terms of product re-work for our members. We have strong engagement with and support from key organisations such as BEIS, DCC, (Smart Energy Code) SEC Panel, OFGEM, HSE, Smart Metering Device Assurance (SMDA - EUA is a co-founder) and other trade bodies that make up the Smart Metering Supply chain.

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