What have the Norwegians done to offend the “green cult”?

22nd Apr 2024


I don’t know whether you have done one of those DNA tests on your family ancestry, I have.

I knew all about my part German heritage, all well documented and a tale of our ages. But I didn’t fully appreciate the sizeable Norwegian inheritance I have. I have never visited Norway, but now intend to. I have always thought of Norway as a friendly country, an ally. But it seems the green cult, in what can only be described as a desperate throw of the dice, doesn’t like Norway.

In their latest attempt to convince consumers to fit a heat pump (60+ per cent imported into the UK), it is now “Energy patriotic” to do this because it reduces the need for gas imports. The country that the UK imports most gas from is, you’ve guessed it, Norway. So, what have the Norwegians done to offend the green cult?

Over half of our gas needs are met domestically, with 56 per cent of the rest imported from Norway and 23 per cent from the US. Both countries I would describe as friends, so little or no risk to our energy security. Indeed, if the only exporters of gas globally were Norway and the US, I suspect it would be a safer place all round.

So, it is OK to import a heat pump or EV from China and be “energy patriotic” but not gas from Norway. What have my ancestors done to deserve this treatment? Or is it something worse?

Have we now descended into a world, best portrayed by Samual Johnson’s observation in 1775 “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” when he called out when he saw false patriotism. It is indeed falsely patriotic to paint an EV or heat pump as red, white and blue, regardless of where it was actually made. And frankly anyone wrapping themselves in such arguments need to be called out.