What are the greens against?

16th Jul 2018


I’m puzzled by the actions of some of my friends in the green lobby. Unlike the vast majority of them, I actually voted for the Climate Change Act in Parliament. Unlike the majority of their cheerleaders I have seen at first hand the impact and risk of climate change both abroad in Nepal and Bangladesh and here at home with Worcester flooding from the River Severn, local brooks as well as from surface water run-off. I need no lessons from the green lobby on the importance of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

But I am frankly bemused by an increasing trend of theirs towards opposition to Carbon Capture and Use/Storage. I would have thought they would be cheerleaders of such schemes; they should be shouting about its importance. But no. It seems some are now arguing against CCU/S because they still involve burning fossil fuels. So they aren’t concerned about stopping carbon emissions. They prefer to hate the use of fossil fuels instead.

The sensible realists accept that renewables are intermittent and a back-up generator of power is essential. To my mind, burning gas with CCU/S fulfils this role perfectly. For the nuclear sceptics, CCU/S becomes even more important. But the hatred of those who use fossil fuels is greater than the desire to keep renewables such as solar and wind, relevant. It’s all bizarre, I know, but we need to know what our opponents are thinking. I say this, because the same people are anti-hydrogen too. Despite offering a means of decarbonising heat, without massive consumer disruption, the green fundamentalists hate hydrogen too. Why? Simply because it might use a fossil fuel as the raw material before CCU/S and the conversion to hydrogen takes place.

You start to wonder what motivates some in the green lobby. Are they genuinely in favour of decarbonisation or are they using it as a smokescreen for something else? What I do know, is that those who suffer from the impact of climate change should not be the innocent victims in the Machiavellian games so-called environmentalists are playing.


Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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