What a week that was in Westminster

30th May 2022


Well what a week that was in Westminster. I’m not referring to parties, fights in Downing Street, or even the sudden conversion to supporting Windfall Taxes (the two might be related); I’m of course referring to the debate held in Westminster Hall on the potential for a Hydrogen Village. Ok, it didn’t make the news headlines but the long-term implications will have a greater impact on our lives than the two more ‘newsworthy’ events.

The link to the full debate is here.

But let me give you a snapshot of what I consider the most important bits.

I’ll start by saying that the response from the Government Minister was the most positive public commitment to hydrogen I have heard. For some insider background, the Ministerial response to a debate is not off the cuff, he will have been given a script, probably the night before, by officials with the agreed lines to take. His words are taken as a record of government policy. They are written down in Hansard, after officials have checked the Minister hasn’t misspoken etc. Therefore, what George Freeman is on the record as saying last week is of note.

So here are a few snippets:-

We see the hydrogen revolution in the heating of homes and the powering of vehicles … as a fundamental part of our clean energy revolution.” 

“We believe the hydrogen heating trials will encourage local employment opportunities and investment.” 

“The BEIS-funded Hy4Heat programme has shown that the use of 100% hydrogen can be made as safe as natural gas when used for heating and cooking in the types of houses that were studied.”

In referring to the village trials, he said “... designed to provide the Government with the necessary evidence to take big strategic decisions on heating within a matter of two or three years. I know the ambition that colleagues have shared today to go further and faster is shared by the Secretary of State, The Minister for Energy and the Prime Minister. It is not lack of political will that is holding us back”

We want to make sure that the trials lay the foundation for a wider nationwide roll-out.”

You won’t read this on Twitter, but it’s in Hansard. I know which carries more weight.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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