‘We can do more to end fuel poverty’ says EUA Chief Executive at launch of Warm Homes Campaign

29th Nov 2016


‘We can do more to end fuel poverty’ says Energy and Utilities Alliance, (EUA), Chief Executive, Mike Foster as he attends the launch of the National Energy Action’s, (NEA), Warm Homes Campaign.

The campaign which launches today (29th November 2016) will run until 17th February 2017, which is national Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.


Mr Foster continued, “This winter approximately 4 million UK households will be living in cold, expensive to heat homes. For the fifth richest country in the world, this figure is disgraceful. 


Fuel Poverty is an issue that gets discussed almost continually and whilst steps are taken to help vulnerable people much more could and should be done. 


For example, we know that if we just replaced the 9 million inefficient boilers in the UK and installed proper heating controls we could make a real difference to people’s lives. There are also over 2 million homes using electricity to heat their homes, an expensive form of heating compared to gas. By connecting these properties to the gas grid we could help reduce bills and slash our carbon emissions at the same time.