Using the gas grid, environmental and social issues can be tackled

2nd Nov 2017


With carbon reduction targets to be met and an estimated four million UK households in fuel poverty, it is vital that action is taken to tackle the pervasive energy trilemma; affordability, security and decarbonisation. But how do we do this with the least disruption to the consumer, in a timely fashion? This is just one of the big questions which will be tackled at the Energy and Utilities Alliance’s (EUA) upcoming event, Gas 2017: the future role of gas in the UK.

The event, on the 8th November at the National Brewery Centre in Burton upon Trent, will explore how the UK’s extensive gas grid infrastructure holds the key to solving some of the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time, from fuel poverty and decarbonising domestic heat to improving air quality.

For this year’s keynote speaker, Maxine Frerk, affordability of energy is a dominant and pressing issue; she has a keen interest in social equity and recently co-authored the National Energy Action (NEA) report on the decarbonisation of heat. Her presentation will detail how we can utilise the gas grid to simultaneously decarbonise domestic heating and reduce fuel poverty.

Maxine has an extensive background in regulation spanning both the private and public sector. During her 15 years at Ofgem she worked on a wide range of projects including initiating work on the Future of Gas, leading the RIIO – ED1 price control and looking into consumer policy, fuel poverty and retail markets.  Having left her role as Senior Partner, Distribution at Ofgem last year, Maxine is now the Director of Grid Edge Policy and undertakes independent consultancy work on decarbonisation of heat.

In addition to Maxine’s presentation, the day will provide an opportunity to gain insight from a wide range of key players from across the industry including David Parkin of Cadent, Tony Glover of ENA and Phillip Fjeld of CNG fuels. What’s more, following the event, there will be an optional museum tour and beer tasting for all attendees.

You can find out more information and book your place here.