The UK Gas supply crisis was entirely predictable

1st Mar 2018


The announcement today by National Grid that gas supplies may be interrupted due to a combination of cold weather, lack of gas storage and operational issues is entirely predictable, says the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA’s CEO Mike Foster.

Indeed, the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA, have been warning Government for a number of years this could happen.

He continued;
"When the Government gave permission to Centrica to close the Rough gas storage facility, we again warned them about just this scenario. Prices have rocketed, hitting British industry particularly hard and if supply is interrupted, it will be the industry that has to stop production to protect consumers and their heating needs.

Ironically, there is a meeting planned with BEIS in two weeks’ time, as a result of our lobbying for a full review of UK gas storage to be undertaken. Perhaps this time they will listen to us.
The closure of Rough has changed the landscape for UK gas storage and today that landscape looks very bleak for major energy users such as UK manufacturing industry.”