The industry has three years to work with

16th Dec 2019


The sighs of relief were audible in the energy and utility industry as the exit poll confirmed Boris Johnson would win a fresh mandate and form the government.

The upheaval that could have come our way has retired but not gone away. All the evidence suggests that the public liked the policies that would have caused our industry much disruption. My instinct is that the threat may have subsided for the moment, but it hasn’t gone away.

Wise heads in the industry I suspect will now take this opportunity to minimise the risk and appetite of it ever coming back on the political menu. The industry has time to do so, but it can’t take forever. In the small print of the Conservative’s winning manifesto was a commitment to abolish the Fixed Term Parliament Act, so the election won’t necessarily be five years away. Historically Prime Ministers have usually chosen a date between four and five years away. So to stop political manifestos containing anything unpleasant in the future, minimising the risk to industry, this would imply getting the industry in shape within three years. Suddenly those time scales look a little tighter and harder to hit.

I’ll sign off 2019 with a message to those staff who will be working or on cover over the holiday period. Their work is often taken for granted, by consumers, until and unless it is needed. Yet their Christmas and New Year celebrations can (and for some will) be interrupted. So as someone working within the industry, and a consumer, let’s thank them publicly.

Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.