The heat is on - decarbonisation must be a political priority, new report urges

11th Oct 2017


The Chief Executive of the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), former MP and International Development Minister Mike Foster, will be speaking today at the launch event for the Energy Research Partnership’s (ERP) report on the Transition to Low-Carbon Heat.

Given that heat used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes currently accounts for around a third of UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, transitioning to low carbon heat, in both the domestic and commercial spheres, needs to be a political priority; it is vital that the government takes action.  We must, in order to avoid closing off options, pursue several low carbon heating options in parallel- a joined up approach to decarbonising heat is intrinsic to our meeting the fifth carbon budget.

The Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) welcomes the report which explores the potential ways in which the decarbonisation of heating can be actualised, advocating the use of a multifaceted approach. Given the diversity in the UK’s housing stock, and accounting for individual preference, a one size fits all approach is not appropriate.

Echoing the sentiments of the report, Mike Foster, Chief Executive of the EUA, said;

‘Industry is already working hard to decarbonise heat in a manner which will be affordable and practical to home and business owners, reducing disruption. Green gas solutions such as biomethane, bioSNG and hydrogen allow us to utilise the existing, extensive gas grid in the UK to deploy more low carbon heating without requiring householders to completely change their heating system.’

‘Decarbonising the gas grid, using hydrogen and bio methane, offers a trajectory for reducing the carbon emissions from domestic and commercial heating – it is clear in the roadmap for decarbonising heat provided by this report that this must become a political priority.’