Smart Connected Homes & Buildings Group

EUA launched its Smart, Connected Homes and Buildings Group in 2016 to provide a forum for all of its divisions to identify how the EUA and its members can best influence this rapidly evolving sector and open up discussions between strategic parties.

Smart Connected Homes & Buildings

The group, through its three sub groups (Smart Appliance Protocols, Smart Heating & Hot Water Controls and Smart Metering & Grid), is working towards:

  • Exploring how and where smart meters fit into the intelligent and connected controls within a home or building
  • Understanding how all the various elements of the smart and connected home or building monitoring and controls fit together and what the various communications protocols are
  • Identifying the areas where EUA can best influence the sector and provide business intelligence for members to capitalise on any business opportunity
  • Ensuring clear and concise information on the systems and possibilities is available to the consumer, and to empower them to make the right purchase decisions
  • Building strategic partnerships with leading industry players and tech giants to help gain information flow and insight into future developments

We will be exploring all new developments in:

  • Smart Homes and Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Electric Vehicles, Renewables
  • CHP, 
  • Micro GenerationLocal Feed In and Energy Storage

Gary Cottrell 
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