Show your radiator some TLC to save money this winter

22nd Jun 2016


Whilst the mild weather continues the Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors, MARC is calling on homeowners to check their central heating system to ensure that it is as efficient as possible ahead of a return to colder days.

When it comes to central heating system efficiency, there is a preoccupation with the heat source – the boiler- and radiators are often an afterthought. This needs to change.  Yes, improving energy generation is essential to achieving better performance, cutting costs and reducing consumption – but it doesn’t stop there. If we really want to secure lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint for all, we need to start giving emitters the attention they deserve.

The summer months are an excellent time to show your radiator some TLC and do some basic maintenance. We are urging homeowners to check their radiators now rather than wait until the weather changes. If the radiators are not as warm as expected and have cold spots, but are still warm around the top and sides then the chances are that the radiators have sludge in them. This will result in a colder home, higher energy bills and can even be the cause of boiler breakdown. Radiator Sludge is caused by chemical reactions. There are different metals and liquids in the central heating system; some react when they come together, some deteriorate by themselves.

The by-products of these reactions come together as sludge. A professional power flush will rid the system of this sludge and then a chemical inhibitor can be used to avoid future build up.