Show some love on National Radiator Day 1st November 2016

20th Oct 2016


The modest radiator has a chance to shine as we approach National Radiator Day, 1st November.

Isaac Occhipinti of the Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors, MARC said “As the weather gets colder and people start to turn on their central heating systems radiators really come into their own. They are the nation’s favourite heat emitter with over 190 million radiators fitted in UK homes. However we rarely give them a second thought. They are fixed to the wall, emitting heat and while they go on working, many for well over 20 years we rarely even glance at them."

He continued,

"There was a time when you could have any colour radiator as long as it was whgite, but over the last few years radiators have been undergoing a quiet revolution. They now come in a wide variety of colours, styles and shapes and are fast becoming part of the design consideration and not simply a product around which the room has to be designed."


So ahead of the 1st November, National Radiator Day we are asking homeowners to join the radiator revolution and show their radiator a little TLC.”

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