“Show me the numbers”

11th Mar 2019


I rarely use this blog to heap praise on EUA and the team, we’re all a modest bunch here in Kenilworth. But today I’ll make an exception and I’ll ask you what you want from us.

Last week, on the Tuesday at 1pm I took a call from the office of a Member of Parliament. He knew of our work and wanted to pick our brains on a topic. The MP was going to speak in a debate later that afternoon. We briefed the assistant on the issue (from both our perspective and that of others). He asked for some data to help make the point in the debate.

I was pleased to say that within 30 minutes he had a three page statistical breakdown (including a graph) on the issue. Shortly after 4pm, our data was being used by that MP in a Parliamentary debate. I’m personally delighted we were able to help with a briefing and it’s good for my team to see their work mentioned (not by name but by number) in the House of Commons.

Enough about my team. Now over to you.

We produce a monthly Economic Report, containing all sorts of (clearly) useful statistics. Firstly, if you don’t receive it you should let me know and I’ll add you to the circulation list. Secondly, we are keen to keep this document as relevant to our members as we can. Recent changes have included maps and data tables showing the biomethane injection sites across all the GDNs. But I’m acutely aware that there might be other information that you would like us to collate for the industry and our membership.

So my plea to you is, let me know. If there are areas of interest that you think might help your business or the wider EUA community I’m more than happy to look into ways to further improve the report.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get a mention in Hansard, but the more relevant our information is the better the chances of us being able to educate policymakers of our work.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO