Shane Warne is not the only spinner it seems.

4th Mar 2019


Last week’s Climate Change Committee report certainly created the headlines, and believe me that wasn’t accidental. There is no way all the major media outlets ran detailed broadcasts or gave over many column inches to the release of this report unless it was well-briefed and spun. So well done to whoever was responsible, I can spot a good spinner a mile away.

And what was so “clever” about this, yes that’s sarcasm, is that the CCC could turn round and say – as they did – “we never said this”. They didn’t do so at all while the media frenzy was at full tilt, only afterwards. Tweeting out comments, suggesting the media had exaggerated or misread the report.

When there’s a response – yes guilty, I went for them (deservedly) it really isn’t cricket to reply by saying “he’s just defending his members’ interests”. Because while yes, that’s true, I am also trying to stop the consumer being fleeced and at the same time trying to help decarbonise the UK.

When the GMB union, who also reacted strongly to the media reports – seen and read by their members who are rightly concerned – it really isn’t appropriate for the CCC to tweet out snide comments like “can only think they haven’t read the report. Oh dear.” Like most of us, the GMB weren’t involved in writing it, nor consulted before its publication. So it is perhaps understandable that the industry responds initially to the headlines – after all, the CCC weren’t exactly on the front-foot correcting any misleading reporting.

So, I’ve read the report – front cover to back. Now I’ve been known to give the ball a tweak in the past, so try batting away this googly.

In the acknowledgements I tried to find anyone from the gas industry – in vain it seems. But I did spot a ‘Thank You’ from the CCC to an organisation called NIBE. For those that don’t recognise them, they’re a heat pump manufacturer. Howzat!

 Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO


Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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