Shale Gas will strengthen UK energy security

10th May 2016


‘Shale Gas will strengthen UK energy security’ says the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA, ahead of the decision by North Yorkshire County Council to allow hydraulic fracturing for shale at Kirby Misperton in Ryedale, North Yorkshire. After months of consultation the planning officer is expected to issue her recommendation on whether councillors should approve or reject the plans later this week.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at EUA said “Exploiting UK shale gas reserves will add a new dimension to the energy mix, helping to secure our energy supply and reduce our dependence on imported gas; using our own gas reserves is far less carbon intense than importing gas from countries like Qatar.

It is anticipated that the shale industry will also create over 64,000 new jobs across the supply chain and together with additional tax revenues generated will contribute significantly to UK Plc.

Additional tax can be invested back into the local economy to upgrade existing domestic properties to make them as energy efficient as possible – helping to deliver a low carbon future, lower energy bills for home owners and help tackle fuel poverty. The additional gas supply will also have a major impact on prices helping to reduce the fluctuations that are currently experienced.

I will be watching North Yorkshire closely over the coming days and I very much hope that the decision made will be the right one.”