Results are in

8th Jul 2024


The results are in, the voters have spoken and another contestant in Love Island has left. In other news, the general election has delivered a not unexpected Labour majority. So, what next? What will a Keir Starmer government mean?

Firstly, the results reinforce my view that Keir Starmer will double-down on keeping his manifesto commitments. He will focus on delivering his promises to try and convince a cynical and divided electorate that politicians can make decisions to help them. So, my advice is to pay attention to the six core “missions” and expect a sense of urgency on delivering them.

His speech outside Downing Street emphasised public service and a desire to see politics as a force for good. His mention of GB Energy before he walked through the black door is notice for our industry that we will be the focus of his attention.

We are all acutely aware of how difficult some of his ambitions will be to achieve. I suspect the next few days will be spent looking at the inheritance he has been left. We will have a Kings’ Speech in the next few weeks, which I expect will repeat these six core missions and then the legislative processes will start.

It sounds like the long summer recesses will be curtailed this year, both for practical reasons – getting the legislation moving but also to make a point to the wider electorate, that a Keir Starmer government means business – a public service.

But what of the opposition. There will be plenty of soul searching. Looking at what went wrong and what needs to be done to put them back into contention. Much will depend on who they select as a new leader. My hunch is that their new leader will hold a more net zero sceptic view, which will set the scene for this issue to become more political polarised. The election of several Reform MPs also suggests this. So, forget a quiet life and be prepared to roll up our sleeves.

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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