Panel Session: Regulatory Bodies Discuss Secrets to Infrastructure Asset Management Success

16th Jan 2018


One of the many factors that asset management executives must consider when devising their strategies is the regulatory backdrop. Measures such as PR19 and RIIO provide the framework for incentivising companies based on outcomes that are tied to asset risk levels and customer expectations.

It is, therefore, vital to have a robust understanding of the impact of regulations on the cost/risk/performance paradigm and the intrinsic link between regulations and innovation, while balancing this alongside a multitude of competing priorities.

At the Infrastructure Asset Management Exchange in London on 26th-27th March, there will be a fantastic panel of experts to discuss these business-critical topics, in the session: “Reaching the Balance Between Adherence to Regulations and Effective Process Planning to Achieve a Sustainable Asset Portfolio”.

Graham Richards, Director of Planning and Performance at ORR will be joining the panel. Graham is responsible for monitoring Network Rail and Highways England’s management of their respective networks, supporting reform while ensuring that these organisations provide value for money for customers and taxpayers.

Director of Strategy & Planning at Ofwat, Ronan Palmer will also be part of the discussion. Prior to joining Ofwat in November 2015 he was Chief Economist to the Environment Agency. Ronan is committed to focusing on what matters to customers, the environment and society as a whole, with the goal of ensuring essential services remain affordable.

The next expert panelist is Neill Guha, Senior Manager, Network Asset Outputs at Ofgem. He has been involved in setting the RIIO-1 price controls for regulated onshore electricity and gas companies. Currently he is responsible for development and implementation of network asset management regulatory frameworks, and the monitoring of network companies’ asset management investments under RIIO-1.

Completing the panel is Chris Offer, Director of Regulation at Affinity Water.  He was instrumental in the successful delivery of the company’s ‘enhanced’ PR14 Business and is the lead in implementing regulatory strategy and guides the Regulation and Corporate Affairs teams in supporting the company’s vision of being the leading community focus water company.

With representations from all 3 regulatory bodies as well as an expert perspective from the water industry, this is shaping up to be an insightful session. To stay abreast of the regulatory environment and its implications on asset strategy join the IAM Exchange.

Download the full agenda to learn more.

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