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21st Jan 2019


A politician once declared his three priorities to be “education, education, education”, how right he was then and how right that sentiment is still today.

That is why EUA’s Board recently agreed that we should step up our activity highlighting what great career opportunities exist in our industry but also what challenges we face over the coming years.

Across the globe, the best brains are grappling with the challenge of climate change, whilst here in the UK the government are also wrestling with the other elements of the trilemma as we also want affordable and secure energy supplies. At the same time, the understandable desire for warm, comfortable homes means that product development is a constant source of innovation and engineering excellence.

Careers in engineering offer exciting opportunities and long-term prospects that young people should grasp. Working with schools and colleges is something the energy industry needs to do more of; breaking down the barriers and challenging misconceptions of what a modern-day engineer looks like – is key to a vibrant future for the sector and importantly, for today’s youngsters too.

There is a demographic time-bomb that is also about to hit the industry. For example, heating engineers, those who install new boilers with their smart heating systems, are getting older. There is a disproportionate number approaching an age where retirement beckons. We aren’t training enough talent to replace them, so long-term career prospects look great for those who see this as an option when they leave school but the industry will struggle if they don’t come forward. And the sky is the limit in our industry. I’ve met members who started their careers “on the tools”, to progress to sitting across the table from Government Ministers advising them on energy policy.

Whether they design products or make them work for us, engineers make a vital contribution to our society and economy. A successful engineer will be the product of a good school; we want to see more of both because at EUA we know that education is the silver bullet.

Best wishes

Mike Foster CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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