Net Zero can’t make our lives worse

9th Nov 2020


To make Net Zero a reality, the consumer experience has to be positive, or at least no worse than the current one.

Last week I saw a respected energy efficiency advisor suggest washing dishes by hand saves energy compared to an older dishwasher. I’m not sure of their maths, but I do know that making the consumer’s life more miserable isn’t a great sales pitch.

The same approach applies for business too. When we look at the logistics industry, HGVs delivering goods across the country, achieving Net Zero has to be a benefit for the industry as well as the environment. Now there is a reputational benefit to being a low carbon logistics company, it is difficult to quantify financially, but it is a fair assumption to make that it exists. So using biomethane from sources that would otherwise emit carbon into the atmosphere is a low carbon alternative to diesel.

Biomethane alone, replacing diesel, can cut carbon emissions by 84 per cent for HGVs and when the biomethane is derived from waste we are closer to 100 per cent savings. Great for the reputation of the business and the planet too, but there’s also a financial gain too. Making a bottom-line improvement is that added extra that can be achieved from Net Zero. Thanks to the lobbying work of our GVN division, the Government extended the fuel duty differential (making it pay to switch from diesel to gas) until 2032, and for the average HGV that difference in unit price of fuel amounts to £29,000 a year. Not to be sniffed at I would suggest.

So doing the right thing is good for the planet, good for company reputation and the financial bottom line too. Net Zero doesn’t have to be a hardship, and to make it a reality, we can’t afford it to be. For the logistics industry, biomethane fuelling HGVs is a winner on all counts.  

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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