MPs support first time central heating systems to fight fuel poverty

30th Nov 2017


In an exclusive poll for Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), a not- for-profit trade association, MPs have overwhelmingly backed the call for energy suppliers to pay for first time central heating systems to help reduce fuel poverty.

According to the poll, excluding don’t knows, 83% of MPs, across all parties, support the policy of installing gas central heating into homes currently without, using the Energy Company Obligation to pay for it.

ECO, worth £640 million a year, if used for first time central heating systems could lift around 200,000 households out of fuel poverty. As the first day of winter officially draws near, temperature have plummeted. For 2.4 million households in England (4 million across the UK) this often means a choice of heating or eating. Excess winter deaths across the UK are around 40,000 a year - cold homes kill four times as many people as road accidents.

Mike Foster, Chief Executive of EUA and Chair of Affordable Warmth Solutions, community – interest – company, said:

“Cold homes kill. They also make life miserable for those struggling to pay energy bills. Having an efficient gas central heating system can save people up to £9000 a year compared to direct electric heating. At this time of year, fuel poverty comes into focus. MPs, of all political persuasions, get it and our polling shows this.”

“What is needed now is the will of MPs to be delivered by the Government. Channelling ECO funding into a first time central heating systems can lift people out of fuel poverty; give them a warm home whilst cutting bills. It really couldn’t be simpler.”

“In a Parliament with no overall majority, yet having four in five MPs supporting such a common sense policy, the Government would be wise to take heed of this overwhelming level of support to fight fuel poverty.”