Metering Technology Group

The UK has over 50 million domestic meters and around 1 million industrial and commercial meters. Most of the UK’s meter manufacturers have manufacturing plants worldwide and have developed products for many worldwide markets.

  • The development of new technology to meet customer demands and UK regulations for the Smart Metering Implementation Programme is high on this group’s agenda. Dual fuel meter communications and interoperability, the facility for automated meter reading and the development of the Smart Meter programme and the Smart Meters interaction with other sections of the Smart Metering system such as In Home Displays (IHDs) and Consumer Added Devices (CADs) are also a major focus for the group. EUA is also a founder member of the board of directors for the Smart Metering Device Assurance Company (SMDA Co) and we are working with the meter manufacturers, IHD manufacturers and Suppliers to develop the assurance scheme and test house for the assurance of interoperability and interchangeability and compatibility with the Smart Metering Technical Specification (SMETS) for the UK Smart programme.

2022 Upcoming Meetings (Joint Metering Services and Metering Technology Groups (JMM)) are scheduled as follows:

  • 24th May

    Updates will be from:  BEIS | SECAS | SMDA | DCC

JMM / SECAS MODs meeting

  • 31st May 14:00 - 15:00

Craig Biffen
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