Metering Services Group

Membership of this group is open to companies involved in the provision of metering services – Manufacturers, Meter Asset Managers (MAMs), Meter Operators (MOPs) and Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) as well as those organisations involved in training and the development of training standards in the metering industry.

We work with our members to establish the best possible standards in recruitment training and installation by providing liaison and networking with all areas of the industry. The UK has over 50 million domestic meters and around a million industrial and commercial meters. The Smart Metering implementation programme has significantly expanded the activities of this group and the scope of their role within the metering world. Membership of this group provides the opportunity to contribute to the shaping and development of the market for metering services.

2022 Upcoming Meetings (Joint Metering Services and Metering Technology Groups (JMM)) are scheduled as follows:

  • 24th May 

    Updates will be from:  BEISSECASSMDADCC

JMM / SECAS MODs meeting 14:00 - 15:00

  • 31st May 

Craig Biffen
01926 513731