“Make the switch now, tackle air pollution, save lives and the planet” says vehicle trade body head

21st Oct 2019


“HGV fleet managers should start to make the switch from dirty Euro 4 and 5 engines to clean, low carbon Euro 6 vehicles”, according to the head of Gas Vehicle Networks, Mike Foster. His call comes as further research is published linking poor air quality to “significant short-term health risks” according to Kings’ College London.

The study showed that spikes in air pollution trigger hundreds of cardiac arrests, strokes and acute asthma attacks in cities compared to days when the air is cleaner. The research examined air pollution data from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford and Southampton.

Mike Foster, CEO of the Gas Vehicle Network said:

“HGVs and buses account for under 2 per cent of vehicles on our roads, travel just 6 per cent of miles on our roads and yet they are responsible for 48 per cent of nitrogen oxides emitted.”

“The best way to cut air pollutants is to switch to cleaner Euro 6 standard engines. That way, fleet managers and all those with responsibility for buying HGVs, will be helping to cut the number of early deaths associated with poor air quality.”

“But there is more they could do. Switching from a dirty Euro 4 or 5 diesel to a gas-powered Euro 6, not only tackles poor air quality but it can reduce carbon emissions too. Making a contribution towards the Net Zero target the government has signed the country up to. A biomethane fuelled HGV emits 85 per cent less carbon into the atmosphere compared to even a clean Euro 6 diesel.”

“And thanks to the work of the Gas Vehicle Network, the government have in place a fuel duty differential until 2032, making it financial a sensible decision to switch to gas from diesel.”

“So better air quality, reduced greenhouse emissions and cost savings all point to the best outcome for HGV fleets to be run on low carbon gas, not diesel.”

For more information on gas vehicles visit www.ngvnetwork.co.uk