Make energy efficiency a priority - EUA asks London Mayoral winner Sadiq Khan

9th May 2016


‘Make energy efficiency a priority’ is the message the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA is asking of successful candidate Sadiq Khan following their election as Mayor of London.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs at EUA said, “EUA ask that Mr Khan put energy efficiency at the heart of his policy for London. An effective energy efficiency policy will have diverse and far reaching positive outcomes for many Londoners; from helping to tackle fuel poverty through to helping to improve air quality. We call on the new Mayor to:

  • Extend the boiler scrappage scheme: EUA would like the scheme to be extended to include all non-condensing boilers as currently financial incentives are available to replace G rated boilers. Carbon emissions and household energy bills can be reduced by switching to an efficient boiler.
  • Implement a robust and all-encompassing domestic energy efficiency scheme: Improved energy efficiency will reduce energy bills and help improve the health and wellbeing for London residents.  A whole house approach to energy efficiency is needed to help reduce carbon emissions in the capital.
  • Incentivise commercial natural gas vehicles: Natural Gas Vehicles, NGVs have lower emissions and lower operating costs than their diesel equivalents. Currently HGVs contribute nearly 75% of NOx emissions in local geographic areas, where the UK is exceeding annual targets. Natural gas as an alternative to diesel, in buses, LGVs and HGVs, will improve air quality by reducing NOx, CO2, and noise emissions, at no additional cost, and they can use the existing high-quality gas pipeline infrastructure.