Leading energy bodies welcome Green Gas plant launch

24th Nov 2016


Three of the UK’s leading energy bodies, the Energy Networks Association (ENA), the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) and the Institution of gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), today welcomed the start of construction of a commercial BioSNG plant in Swindon.

The plant will produce 22GWh of substitute natural gas per year from 10,000 tonnes of household waste. The official launch takes place on November 24th, with the plant expected to be operational by the end of 2017. It is a £25m project, part funded from the Department of Transport and Ofgem, who recognise that commercialisation of BioSNG is key to decarbonising heat and transport in the UK. BioSNG produces 80 per cent lower carbon emissions than fossil gas.

David Smith, CEO of ENA said:

“The UK’s Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) are working with industry partners to drive innovation in green gas technology which will provide clean, affordable and sustainable energy to meet the challenges of decarbonisation.  

The use of green gas, such as BioSNG, biomethane and hydrogen, will also make efficient use of the UK’s extensive gas network infrastructure meaning costs and disruption to customers are minimised.  

We have the opportunity to become a world leader in green gas and low carbon network technology and today’s launch demonstrates the progress that we are making in this increasingly important market.”

 Mike Foster, CEO of EUA said:

 “The UK needs to decarbonise both heat and transport. Over 85 per cent of homes use gas to keep warm, rather than ripping out gas boilers the common sense way forward is to decarbonise the gas, and avoid household disruption.

There is a growing consensus that this is the least cost option for the UK. It is dependent on low carbon gas being available and this project is a step forward in providing the solution.”

Sarb Bajwa, CEO of IGEM said;

“The gas industry is in an era of change as significant as the discovery of North Sea natural gas. The industry has always risen to challenges and this project is an example of the ingenuity and innovation within the gas industry. It’s fantastic to see engineers applying their knowledge and expertise to delivering low carbon solutions for the future.

This National Grid demonstration project will be a world first in demonstrating the conversion of waste into a low carbon, inexpensive source of gas. A city the size of Coventry could produce enough green gas to fuel 1,500 heavy good vehicles or heat a quarter of the city’s homes.”

The plant has been developed by National Grid, Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy who together built a demonstration plant (completed 2015) before starting the commercial scale facility.