Join the radiator revolution and ‘Love Your Radiator’ urges the Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors

21st Sep 2016


‘Love Your Radiator’ is the new campaign launched by the Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors, MARC. The campaign asks consumers to take a radiator selfie and share their picture on Twitter using the #LoveYourRadiator. The campaign runs ahead of National Radiator Day which takes place each year on 1st November.

Isaac Occhipinti, of MARC said “Radiator design has come a long way; they are now available in practically every colour and in an amazing array of designs and sizes. There are over 190 million radiators fitted in UK homes and as the nation’s favourite type of heat emitter, it isn’t surprising that the aesthetics have undergone a dramatic change.

The 1970’s witnessed the introduction of central heating systems with cast iron and steel radiators becoming common place in UK homes, the radiators of the 1980’s were merely a functional product that had a job to do. The 1990’s saw a boom in TV shows like ‘Changing Rooms’ that encouraged us to make over our homes and the humble radiator was more often than not regulated behind a radiator cover usually made of MDF. During the 2000’s the radiator has moved from being a simple heat emitter, to an integral part of the overall room design. It is no longer necessary to fit your furniture around your radiator the radiator can now be installed to suit the room, horizontal, vertical or even curved. Over the last few years this has led to an explosion in style and colours.

To celebrate this radiator revolution we trying to get people to think about the radiators in their homes and we are asking them to post a radiator selfie on Twitter using the #LoveYourRadiator.

Over the coming weeks, ahead of national radiator day, on 1st November  we will be posting useful information, including how to bleed a radiator, how to choose the correct size, and general top radiator tips.”

Join the radiator revolution follow @eua_marc and #LoveYourRadiator.