It’s the end of the world as we know it

12th Feb 2024


My first proper job was working in a large office with, it’s fair to say, some seasoned staff.

One of these was Gerry, he had jumped out of planes during the war and his role meant that he was behind enemy lines more than once. He’d bring a degree of calm to any situation. If mistakes were made, puffing on his cigar (yes kids, people really did smoke in offices and no there wasn’t ventilation or extraction), he would lift his head from the 13 column analysis papers (no kids, we did not have spreadsheets) and mutter things like, “in the scale of the universe, in a hundred years’ time, will it matter?”

Judging by the near hysteria coming from some quarters last week, it seems there aren’t any staff like Gerry working in the green sector. Last week, we read speculation that the government were to scrap the ‘boiler tax’ and the Opposition pared down their plans to borrow money faced with a challenging fiscal situation. But you would have thought it is the end of the world as we know it, given the faux outrage on display.

One classic example was a claim made that the boiler tax was a good thing for boiler manufacturers as they could make more money from it than it would cost. Now I hate to puncture anyone’s bubble or their self-inflated ego but it is the boiler manufacturers that oppose the boiler tax being imposed. If it was really in the manufacturers’ interests, why do they oppose it?

Is it just possible that that those people who make and sell heating appliances; the people whose livelihood is earned from assessing market conditions; the accountants who audit the books; the market analysts who determine pricing; and the owners of the businesses themselves, perhaps know a little more about the impact of the boiler tax than a pressure group?

I know, I promised not to be controversial in this blog, but really. These so-called green advocates do nothing for their cause by uttering such (please insert your own word here).

We need to get to net zero. We need to do so sensibly. We need to take people with us on the journey. And above all, we should deal in facts not hysterics if we are to succeed.

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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