“It’s official, gas boilers save you money – ‘loadsamoney’”

3rd Dec 2018


Firstly a given, energy efficiency, using fewer units to deliver the same outputs is good for consumers. It’s good for the environment, with less carbon emitted. And frankly, it’s also good for those seeking a low carbon gas alternative, as the supply requirements are lower. So what’s occurring?

We’ve all heard how great the electricity generation sector has been at decarbonising – yes, the heavily subsidised wind and solar generation is good for the environment; and phasing out coal to be replaced with gas, well in domestic terms, that’s so 1970s (yes, gas fires and central heating replacing coal fires). But what has the domestic gas industry achieved for consumers and the environment?

Well I did a bit of googling, (slow running train to Manchester) and looked at average gas consumption figures. I always use Ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values for this. And they threw up so startling statistics.

The TDCV is an industry standard value, produced by Ofgem, that allows for easier comparisons to be made for supplier costs but it also helps us understand what is happening with consumer behaviour.

In 2003, now this bit is important, before condensing boilers were mandated, the TDCV for a medium user was 20,500 kWhs per annum of gas. By 2017, that same medium user was consuming 12,000 kWhs per annum of gas. Yes, that’s right, an amazing 41 per cent reduction in consumption of gas. Now that’s what I call energy efficiency. The cause – well yes we have better insulated homes but now over 60 per cent of homes use condensing gas boilers. As Gibbs would say, “there’s no such thing as a coincidence”.

For the geeks, here are the outcomes. Using a current, typical gas tariff that’s about £350 a year saving, compared to using an inefficient boiler in a 2003 insulated home. That’s over 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per property no longer released into the atmosphere.

Before the naysayers start claiming “fake news”, these are not my figures; not the industry’s figures but those of the regulator. So when people ask what our industry has done for us, there’s your answer. Now shout it from the roof tops.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO