It’s getting serious now

3rd Sep 2019


You take a couple of days leave over the Bank Holiday and you come back to a few hundred emails in your in-box and a Parliamentary coup. Makes you wonder why you bother.

But in other news, the Government’s chief environmental scientist Sir Ian Boyd last week made it clear that we all need to prepare for major lifestyle changes if we are to meet NetZero. He pointed out that the public at large do not understand the changes that are necessary. He cited eating less red meat, travelling less and buying fewer clothes. I’d be interested in hearing the views of those about to go on “Climate Strike”, on whether they will be cutting back on their Maccies; stopping deliveries to their homes by Amazon drivers and reduce their use of ASOS clothes buying (when you try at home and send back if they aren’t wanted).

But the serious point Sir Ian was making was about how countries strive for economic growth, higher consumption levels for their populations both of which are now in conflict with the ambition to hit international climate change targets. We face being a generation that tells its children they will not have the opportunities, economically or lifestyle that we have. It goes against our every instinct as parents. Politically it will explosive when the public do become aware.

That’s why low carbon gas - from biomethane to hydrogen – is so important for government to embrace. It provides a low cost, low disruption approach to meeting NetZero whilst keeping homes warm, securely and affordably. It will help deliver goods in a low carbon fashion too. If we don’t give the public what they need, then the risk is very real they will reject any change. I wouldn’t want to be the politician that tells the public they cannot fly abroad for an overseas summer holiday; that tells them what they can’t eat or forces them to accept a home that is kept at an uncomfortable temperature compared to what they are used to now.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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