It’s all about delivery.

14th Feb 2022


When you are close to an issue you can fall into the trap of seeing every criticism as a catastrophe; every unhelpful media headline a calamity and a negative tweet as disastrous. It’s only human, we have doubts and if you are close to an issue, it matters to you. So just before you fall into that trap, take a step back and ask, “have the fundamentals changed?”

Usually, the answer is no. Last week, we saw a bland Select Committee publication reported as if it was the end of the world for those involved in the hydrogen future of the gas networks. But ask yourself this question, have the fundamentals changed? No. Is the Government going to fund 30 million individual retrofits for heat pumps or heat networks? No. Have consumers suddenly found the cash to pay for it and the willingness to do so? No. Have heat pumps now become a financially attractive option for all consumers? No. Has the electricity network suddenly found a means to reduce peak heat demand so that they can generate all that would be required, when and where it was needed? No. You get my drift I’m sure, and we could write up dozens of pertinent questions to which the answer is no.

So having taken a step back, not fallen into the trap of negativity, the answer to any doubt is delivery. And yes, this will mean effectively over-delivering. If the Government want hydrogen-ready boilers by 2026, let’s show them we can do it sooner. If they want a hydrogen village, let’s offer them three. If they want 5GW of green hydrogen, let’s give them 10.

In the coming weeks, I suspect we will see further progress being made towards the outcome we want. And let’s take comfort from the fact that those fundamentals remain in our favour, and that is something we should never doubt.

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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