Government have recognised the gas grid can deliver low carbon heating

13th Mar 2019


The Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) today praised the Government for “recognising the role of the gas grid in the future of heating” in their response to the budget announcement that they will ‘accelerate the decarbonisation of our gas supplies by increasing the proportion of green gas in the grid.’

Mike Foster, Chief Executive of EUA, said:

“The need to reduce our carbon emissions is a given, but we must remember that ultimately the consumer is at the centre of that journey. Being selective in our approach to low carbon heating, will cost the consumer and the planet”

“Government have recognised this via their commitment to seek to increase the proportion of Green Gas in the grid over the coming years.”

“The gas grid can deliver low carbon heating, so gas grid connections, using biomethane or hydrogen will still be part of the mix for new build homes under the chancellor’s new plans.”

“The future plans for low carbon heating must reflect how people actually live in their homes. Gas boilers are affordable, convenient and able to deliver on our carbon targets. Changing the type of gas in the grid to a low carbon version, such as biomethane or hydrogen, will deliver low carbon heating at a price consumers can afford.”

“The UK needs to preserve the environment for future generations and that means being creative and innovative in how we tackle climate change. EUA are delighted that the government have listened to the evidence and committed to invest in green gas.”