Future of gas discussed with Parliamentarians

14th Nov 2016


Mike Foster, Chief Executive of the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), will discuss the future of gas with parliamentarians, at the launch of Carbon Connect’s “Future Gas Series” research project on November 28th.

The research project, sponsored by EUA and the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers, consists of a series of three papers examining the future role of gas in the UK.

The first report will investigate the future role of the gas distribution networks, and will explore how ‘green gas’ including biomethane, bioSNG and hydrogen can reduce the UK’s carbon emissions whilst keeping people warm in their homes. The project will also identify what policies will be needed to aid the deployment of green gas.

Mike Foster said:

“The vast majority of consumers, some 85 per cent, are connected to the gas grid and use this fuel to keep warm, cook and access hot water. Their needs are paramount as we look to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Heat needs to be decarbonised, and in the cheapest way possible. Converting natural gas to green gas is the obvious way to do this, minimising the cost and disruption faced by the consumer.”

“That is what I will be telling parliamentarians at the launch.”

The Carbon Connect research project is chaired by a cross-party group of MPs, including Alan Whitehead MP (Labour), James Heapey MP (Conservative) and Callum McCraig MP (SNP) and will take evidence from industry over the coming months.