EUA disappointed in RIIO-2 Draft Determinations- Ofgem must listen to industry

8th Sep 2020


The Utility Networks division of the Energy and Utilities Alliance, EUA has today expressed disappointment with the proposed RIIO2 draft determinations, and believe OFGEM need to urgently listen to industry to ensure the networks can support the move to Net Zero.

Mike Foster, CEO, said;

“EUA is deeply disappointed that it appears as though Ofgem had decided on the determinations before the consultation had even started. EUA and the wider industry put in many hours participating in consumer and business planning groups, and putting together detailed reports on how the networks should operate, yet these seem to have been ignored.”

“The regulators draft determinations published on 9th July 2020 risk the UK’s progress towards meeting Net Zero. The networks have been leaders in pushing new and innovative ways to meet our climate obligations, hydrogen for example. It is the gas networks, through projects such as H21, HyNet, HyDeploy, Freedom Project, and H100 that are leading the debate around decarbonisation of heat to homes. They have embraced Net Zero, even before the politicians and the regulator thought to do so.

Ofgem’s draft determinations could derail this progress which, in turn, could result in job losses and business closures at a time when the country needs to ‘Build Back Better’.”

You can read UN’s response in full here;