EUA ask for clarity over Manchester decarbonisation plans

18th Mar 2019


The Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) have today, 18th March 2019, responded to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Spatial Framework consultation (GMSF) asking for clarity on the future of gas in the city.

 Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs, EUA said; 

“The creation of jobs and investment, protection of green spaces, house building, and investment in transport to create a smart city are, of course, all attractive proposals, but the GMCA consultation provides little or no clarity on the implications of its bold strategy, such as their plans to move away from fossil fuels.”

“Further, how will the short term carbon targets, such as the ‘all new development to be net zero carbon by 2028’ be met? It is crucial that the GMCA are open and specific with regard to the consequences of broad policy objectives so that businesses and consumers are able to respond.”

“Stating that Greater Manchester will have to ‘Move away from carbon intensive gas as the primary source of heat’ makes a good headline, however, the reality is more complicated, as fossil fuels are used in the production of electricity and zero carbon technologies, such as hydrogen.”

“Hydrogen offers an attractive alternative to decarbonise GMCA’s gas grid. Closing the door on gas for the sake of short term glory is irresponsible. GMCA would be wise to reconsider. The alternative would involve ripping out people’s central heating systems and pushing up homeowners bills”

 You can read the GMCA Spatial Framework here.