Emergency root canal work

17th Jan 2022


After four days of pain, over New Year, I had emergency root canal work done on the first day back. I would have happily chewed the drill to get some sleep. I mention it, not to get any sympathy (although that would be nice) but to mention a conversation my dentist was having with me during my treatment.

He’s known me for years and is aware of the industry I work in. But it was clear listening to him, that the issue of energy bills is high on people’s agenda. I was relieved to be able to tell him I was on the side of the angels, and wanted to see action taken on energy bills (imagine if I had told him to do a few star jumps or eat ginger with porridge to keep warm). And that EUA had been calling for VAT on energy bills to be scrapped for months, well before it became fashionable to do so.

We recently engaged YouGov to do some polling for us and overwhelmingly the public want action taken, they want VAT scrapped and they go further. They are cash strapped when it comes to decarbonisation and Net Zero. I’m old enough to remember when our colleagues at the Energy Networks Association produced a report exploring the likely future costs of green hydrogen to the consumer, 4.68p per KWh, and how anti-hydrogen lobbyists were overjoyed as it put the price of gas up. Well I’m more than happy to tell hard-pressed families and even my dentist, that paying under 5p for a unit of gas is good value compared to the costs they are now facing.

What makes this a better narrative, is that there would be no upfront costs associated with decarbonisation in the home. No disruption. No loss of space to accommodate a hot water cylinder. No ripping out narrow bore pipework. For those homes on the current gas network, it’s like changing your toothpaste not root canal work.

Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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