Don’t worry about ordinary people and their lives.

1st Oct 2018


There’s at least one reader of this blog who refers in jest (I hope) to it as my “rant”. I usually try not to go off on one, but today is an exception. So I‘ll start being blunt.

I get really fed up (actually something stronger) with certain groups who advocate a course of action to deal with the real problem of climate change, seemingly without a care for those who have to pay. And yes, I’m pointing to groups like Friends of the Earth.

Let me give you an example of their latest idiocy. In their policy statement about the future of heating, issued in August, they make certain recommendations – their intention might be worthy, but the delivery would cause real hardship to ordinary people.

For example, they recommend that the take-up of heat pumps should be increased ten-fold by 2020. Yet, in the same report, they acknowledge that a heat pump installed will cost nearly £9000 and annual bills would be £136 more than a gas boiler. It shouldn’t need pointing out that’s a problem. So they either don’t care or believe in the ‘magic money tree’ where somebody else always pays.

In the same report, they suggest that Gas Safe registered installers should also offer “independent advice” ahead of a gas boiler being replaced. Forget the consumer and their needs, warmth and hot water, let’s try and persuade people to fork out a huge sum of cash and put their bills up. If the installer doesn’t give this advice, they will be disqualified from holding a Gas Safe certificate.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a left-leaning local politician who had fitted solar PV on his roof. He was thrilled to be doing his bit for the climate, delighted his constituents could see what he was doing and he told me how much he was “earning” from the panels. I pointed out that his ability to pay for the panels was fortunate and that his constituents were all paying a little extra in their bills to pay for his good fortune. And yes he went a little red, in embarrassment.

Mike Foster, CE