‘Commit to the Non domestic RHI to support green gas creation and injection’ EUA calls on Chancellor ahead of Autumn statement

17th Nov 2016


Ahead of the Autumn statement, the Energy & Utilities Alliance, EUA is calling on the Chancellor to make a long term commitment to the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, RHI.

Mike Foster, Chief Executive of EUA said “EUA is calling on the Chancellor to commit to the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. We need to see a continuation of the strand of the non-domestic RHI which generates a market, for the creation and subsequent injection of ‘Green Gas’.

There has been success to date with biomethane in particular. Not only has the RHI been pivotal in bringing forward biomethane projects, but it has also underpinned job creation, and encouraged innovation in the sector. That, together with new developments in Synthetic Natural Gas, SNG, we have the opportunity to ensure that the UK has a plentiful supply of low carbon gas. If we are to meet our legally binding carbon reduction targets in an affordable way; this is critical. Given that 85% of UK homes use gas to heat their homes.”