Climate change isn’t a game, it’s deadly serious.

22nd Feb 2021


You can’t have helped but notice that we’ve had a proper winter this year. Low temperatures, snow, ice in fact, the works. Across Europe the same, with notable issues in Germany around their power generation mix. The same across the pond, with Texas suffering major power blackouts across swathes of the State. A reminder that global warming isn’t some gentle bathing in summer sunshine, but catastrophic change to our climate.

So it is a deadly serious business. And it requires serious people to do some deep thinking and governments and businesses to do some heavy lifting. So I for one was delighted with the announcement last week, by BEIS that together with Cadent and Northern Gas Networks they were funding two demonstrator homes using 100 per cent hydrogen, for heating, hot water and cooking. And BEIS, when making the announcement, produced some smart looking ‘gifs’ to help communicate the message. What’s wrong with this you may ask? Actually nothing. In my eyes it is the type of leadership governments should be taking. They should be demonstrating to the public that one of the key options in decarbonising the home is safe, looks just like the appliances we have now and they are used the same way.

But some took offence. The response of one energy industry leader was to sarcastically suggest BEIS took a photo of their electric induction hob, or their loft insulation. This then triggered a series of similar calls, snide remarks about snapping heat pumps, solid wall insulation – you get my drift. Now sending a sassy message on Twitter may win plaudits in the echo chamber of social media, but it doesn’t engage the consumer in one of the most challenging aspects of tackling climate change. This isn’t a game but something much more serious.

So demonstrator homes with hydrogen; trials of blending hydrogen; developments of hydrogen villages whilst safety cases are tested in labs across the country. This is the serious side of decarbonisation. It takes time, resources and yes, a little patience too. But the gas industry has been working for UK consumers for two hundred years, and it will do so long after the last echoes of opposition have faded away.

 Best wishes 

Mike Foster, CEO


Mike Foster

EUA's Chief Executive


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