Autumn is with us.

5th Oct 2020


“Autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!” Well that is Winnie the Pooh’s view of this time of year, for most of us it is a time that heating systems get turned on after a long, gloriously hot summer.

But let’s be honest, autumn days can get quite warm, as Winnie observed, it is the mornings and evenings that are chilly. This is where we need a heating system that brings immediate warmth to a room, not even the whole house. So gas fires, often the Cinderella of the heating world, spring into life. They take the chill off the air in the morning and provide that comfortable living room environment in the evening. With gas fires being tested for compatibility with hydrogen, consumers can look forward to many years of instantaneous heat to enjoy the seasonal temperature change.

Central heating systems, with smart controls, offer that same flexibility. You don’t need to warm the whole house, all day, just for a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening. It’s how we live and it is based on the climate and seasonal weather patterns the UK enjoys. We can’t change the latter nor should we be forced to change the former.

So gas offers us that flexibility to meet our heating needs, not just in the depth of winter but also during the chilly Autumn or a cool Spring. And the daily peak heat timing is critical for comfort but it exposes the alternative heating options too.

I’ve read a number of heat pump advocates boasting of the cheap electricity rate they get on their agile contracts (please note the lower case use). These do indeed offer cheaper electricity to the consumer, for most of the day, but not those crucial hours of 4pm to 7pm. So that autumn warmth suddenly gets expensive or you heat the house earlier in the day when you don’t need the heat and hope it lasts until the cheap rate kicks in again.

That flexibility, often ignored in discussions, goes to the heart of the consumer experience. For some, Winnie offers his pearl of wisdom, “sometimes you have to rethink the things you thought you thought through.”

Best wishes

Mike Foster, CEO