A spectrum of colours adds appeal to radiators

1st Apr 2015


Radiator envy is real. And for good reason! Ten years ago, a suggestion that a radiator could become a focal point of envious décor in a home or a commercial property would have been met with something between a raised eyebrow and total disbelief. Today with the variety of designs available the humble radiator is causing a stir.

Historically the majority of radiators were plain panels in white. ‘Designer’ radiators have been around for a long time, but initially these were targeted at bathrooms and sometimes kitchens, they tended to be chrome plated, and were designed as visually attractive towel rails rather than as fully functional, effective heating appliances that you would install throughout a home.

Things have come a long way since then; radiators have undergone something of a renaissance in the last decade or so. In line with people's aspirations to create beautiful and unique homes that match their taste and lifestyle, the radiator has not been forgotten. Indeed, options in material, colour and design have meant it has become something of a work of art in itself.

Now we have an array of designer radiators available that can be used anywhere in the home, and the options for colour are never-ending.

Being available in a range of colours makes them extremely attractive products for interior designers and architects, looking to match radiator colours with corporate or specific colour décor. Or even for those looking to make a statement – with a vivid colour use that makes it leap out from its surroundings. Matching or contrasting radiators have become more than a possibility – they have arrived as realistic options; providing an additional sales angle for installers, particularly those looking to expand into the commercial market, or connect with specifiers.

The new generation of radiator provides a new range of options for heating the home, office, hotel or other commercial premises. From stylish pastels to forceful sepias, greys, blacks and metallic – there’s a colour for everyone. The increase in coloured radiators heading out of factories says something special about the options available and the people out there choosing them for their homes and businesses.

No other heat emitter can offer such variety, adaptability, control and of course renewable credentials. A modern radiator provides simplicity, sophistication and a better way to heat homes now and in the future.

And actually, in reality, nobody has found anything better than the radiator. While other types of heating system have emerged as popular options, the steel panel radiator can and does compete on all levels and is still very much the number one choice.

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