Smarter Metering Services Ltd joins EUA

30th Mar 2017


EUA’s latest member, Smarter Metering Services Ltd, offers a fully integrated end to end service within the gas industry.

Tom Ward, Managing Director at Smarter Metering Services Ltd said:

“Smarter Metering Services Ltd provide a specialist Industrial & Commercial meter Solution to our clients. We have now entered the Smart Domestic Metering market and fully believe we have the necessary experience, industry knowledge, values, controls and training programme to be able to provide our clients with the highest standards with the lowest risk. I am confident that our membership with EUA will provide us with additional resources for advice and information as well as networking opportunities within the industry”.


The company offers a fully accredited installation service allowing full project management, in addition to meeting the needs of customers by utilising the latest engineering technologies, and meeting compliance standards.  A range of technical services across all types of new gas infrastructure design and construction include: Utility Connections; Smart Metering; Downstream Connections and Data Management.

 Mike Foster of EUA said;

Smarter Metering Services Ltd are already well established in the industrial and commercial metering arena and continues to grow, so it is encouraging to see them expanding still further into the domestic meter installation field. With the smart meter rollout due to commence shortly we are delighted Smarter Metering Services Ltd has joined EUA. We trust that the business intelligence and networking opportunities they gain from EUA’s Metering Services Group will help ensure further efficiencies in smart metering.”


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