Industrial strategy unveils £390m for future transport- it must include Natural Gas vehicles

24th Jan 2017


‘Investment in the transport of tomorrow is essential if we are to decarbonise transport and reduce fuel costs for businesses’ says Natalie Flay, Spokesperson for the Natural Gas Vehicle Network, NGVN following the release of the government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper yesterday (23rd January)

Natalie Flay, spokesperson for NGVN said; ‘A £390 million investment for future transport, including support for ultra-low emission vehicles, is welcome news, but it must include Natural Gas vehicles.

NGVN realise that decarbonising transport is complex and will take time. For road haulage and heavy vehicles, the best solution is natural gas vehicles. The technology is ready, the UK has an extensive and world class gas infrastructure and it is simply the most appropriate and affordable solution for this sector.

Following the release of the Industrial Strategy NGVN will be working with government to ensure there is recognition that decarbonising transport will need alternative approaches to tackle the challenging problem of larger vehicles and not assuming that just using electric cars will fully decarbonise the transport sector, especially as electric cars currently use power generated from a carbon emitting grid.’