Gas Networks join forces with the Natural Gas Vehicle Network

8th Feb 2017


Gas Networks; Wales & West Utilities, National Grid Gas Transmission and Northern Gas Networks have joined forces with the Natural Gas Vehicles Network, NGVN; adding clout to the UK Natural Gas Vehicle industry, which has a significant role to play in helping to tackle air quality and decarbonise the transport sector.

Mike Foster of NGVN said “Wales & West Utilities, National Grid Gas Transmission and Northern Gas Networks are uniquely placed to help us drive natural gas vehicles higher up the political agenda. Over recent months we have seen increased interest in tackling air quality and with our legal commitment to meet the carbon reduction targets, decarbonising transport will become more important.

Presently, a staggering 16% of the total transport sector greenhouse gas emissions come from the UK’s 208,000 HGVs. If just one percent of light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches switched to natural gas we could reduce CO2 by 64,000 tonnes per annum and see NOx emissions reduced by 13 tonnes. Having these industry influencers on board provides us with the opportunity to fully investigate the role that Gas Distribution Networks can play in developing the infrastructure required for the roll out of natural gas vehicles.”

Chris Clarke, Wales & West Utilities Director of Asset Management and HS&E said:

“As a company and as an industry we are dedicated to making sure we keep our customers safe and warm, with an energy supply that is affordable, secure and sustainable – and gas is central to this. We’re working hard to let policymakers know how gas, and particularly green gas, can contribute to a low carbon future – and the decarbonisation of transport is a key part of this. We’re looking forward to fully investigating how we can support the infrastructure needed for natural gas vehicles.”

Martin Alderson, Asset Risk Management and Safety Director, Northern Gas Networks, said:

Energy used for transport makes up a huge 41% of total energy usage so it is vital that we actively explore new ways to help reduce carbon emissions. We’re delighted to be joining forces as part of the Natural Gas Vehicles Network and look forward to sharing learnings from our own natural gas vehicle trials as we look to understand how we can use alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas and hydrogen to help decarbonise transport in the UK.”

Darren Lond, Commercial Policy Development Manager, National Grid Gas Transmission said;

‘We are pleased to become a member of the NGVN. As part of our ongoing work on the future of gas in GB, we see transport as an important avenue to explore in contributing to the UK’s decarbonisation targets. Being a member of NGVN provides us with a new and exciting opportunity to further understand the role for gas in transport and have a potential influence in this sector.’

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